Park Central was designed in a way that would be as healthy for our residents as it is for the environment by consistently decreasing our carbon footprint


Park Central Puts the Green in Your Luxury Lifestyle...

Surrounded by Central Florida’s natural beauty, Park Central was built to create a luxury lifestyle for its residents while not sacrificing its lush, waterfront landscape.

Unlike many developments that followed Orlando’s urban sprawl, we built Park Central close to luxury shopping, dining, and entertainment for our residents’ close access to amenities that didn’t increase their fuel costs or their carbon footprint.

Park Central was designed in a way that would be as healthy for our residents as it is for the environment. This sensitivity to sustainability is part of what makes Park Central unique among apartment homes in the Greater Orlando Area and the winner of the Community of the Year by the Apartment Association of Greater Orlando.

And our community market keeps whole, fresh foods in stock. All of our amenities to include two (2) Car Care Centers, restaurants, and five (5) swimming pools all are within walking distance which decreases the need for vehicles requiring fossil fuels.

We remain committed to sustaining a positive impact on the lifestyle of our residents while lowering the environmental impact on the nature around us. At Park Central, we have put the green in a luxury lifestyle. It’s not unusual to see potted plants and herb gardens on the balconies and screened-in porches of our residences.

The result of our commitment has been providing a greener living space for your health and wellbeing while reducing your costs through more energy efficient residences. As well, we have remained committed to overall energy reduction, waste reduction, water conservation, and recycling. And we encourage our residents to do the same.

At Park Central, you will find that our residents get excited about embracing green initiatives. Many tell us that this is the first time that a multi-family, residential development has afforded them a real opportunity to participate in sustainability efforts and programs previously available only to single-family homeowners.

We will continue to create opportunities for Park Central residents to enjoy green living environments amidst our luxury lifestyle. Because we have created our community to make living and thinking green easy, it has become second nature for our residents, and the sustained beauty of our natural surroundings demonstrates our commitment.

Central Florida, like the rest of our state, has a very delicate eco-system. Our fresh water, in particular, is in short supply compared to the demands from the number of residents moving into the Sunshine State. Tourism may help the Florida economy, but it puts an additional burden on our natural resources. We stringently follow County water restrictions, and are sensitive to waste in the form of unneeded grounds watering.

The ongoing proliferation of single family residences and track housing in Florida created an economic crisis in the last decade, and the Park Central model of creating a luxury lifestyle in an urban setting, close to Orlando’s employment centers, is an attempt to ease the environmental impact of urban sprawl through the reduction of harmful greenhouse gas emissions.

Our other goals are to keep our operating costs low to keep your luxury lifestyle affordable while we conserve energy and water together. And we trust that by creating a greener community, we have created a safer and healthier environment for our residents.

Please take a tour around our web site to see the environmental setting in which Park Central was built. Our development was designed with sensitivity to our Central Florida surroundings, and our Green luxury lifestyle is what sustains its natural beauty.

You can have it all: easy access to all Orlando has to offer—including its natural beauty.

Schedule an on-site tour of our luxury community. Your Green lifestyle begins when you move in. Call us today at 407-240-5199.