Resort Lifestyle Convenience


Resort Lifestyle Convenience

After a long day at school or the office, you’ve braved the drive back home and made it through Orlando traffic, only to find that you’re missing an ingredient for your favorite recipe or a household item that you need to make your resort lifestyle feel like home.

Chances are the last thing you want to do is get back into your car and drive back into traffic to get a few items from an enormous grocery store. If jockeying for a parking space and waiting in long lines at cash registers doesn’t appeal to you, the convenience of Park Central’s City Street Market was made with you in mind.

You can have it all. A huge selection of food, snacks, wine, beer, and household items is a short walk away, when you live at Park Central. Convenience is a necessity for the full enjoyment of your resort lifestyle, where you need never need to venture far from your own back door.

And if you don’t commute to school or work, know that you will not need to leave the solace of the pool side or the respite of your home when you get hungry. In addition to the City Street Market, Park Central’s amenities include the Splash Bistro: a full service bar and restaurant in the heart of our community.

No more will you need to change out of your bathing suit to pick up a few items. And with the huge selection at the City Street Market and Splash Bistro, you could say goodbye to megastore shopping altogether.

And you won’t need to leave your friends or family waiting while you “run down to the store” for a few items. In fact you could run to City Street Market or walk or ride your bike. But you will not need to get back into traffic with your motor vehicle.

Park Central is pet friendly, so you won’t need to leave Fido home alone for long, as he gently reminds you that he too has culinary needs. The City Street Market carries pet food as well as people food.

Whatever your last minute needs, you’re never far from convenience when you live in our resort-like community. You need never leave the property for savory food with either the City Street Market or the Splash Bistro.

Should you decide that an extra bottle of wine is needed for your spur of the moment dinner party, you need never take the risks of getting back into your car after you’ve already popped the cork.

And if you prefer to stay inside and not cook, you can order take-out from the Splash Bistro; pick up deli goods at the City Street Market; or select from our catering menu offered among our many Park Central amenities.

Please take a tour around our web site to see all of the convenience we have built into our resort style community at Park Central. And know that our residents are never far from our Splash Bistro or our City Street Market.

You can have it all: a resort lifestyle where you can dine in or eat out close to the comforts of home while you’re never far from the fine dining and entertainment of Orlando’s Mall at Millenia.

Schedule an on-site tour of our community of convenience. Your resort lifestyle begins when you move in. Call us today, toll-free, at 407-240-5199.